• Snow Fresh 18 pounds

All Natural, Non Toxic and Environmentally Safe

Snow Fresh is a natural holding tank treatment that produces a waste product that is RV Park waste water compatible and will not harm the friendly bacteria present in septic or aerobic sewer systems. Snow Fresh contains:

No Formaldehyde

No Blue Dye

No Chemical Odors

Distributor Pricing: We welcome distributors. Up to 50% off on bulk orders!

Satisfaction Guaranteed: We offer a 30 day money back guarantee (see policy page).

Snow Fresh was developed with full time campers and boaters in mind. It offers odor control protection in all kinds of situations for folks who are concerned about the environmental and health impacts of using a known carcinogenic formaldehyde or para-formaldehyde product.

Our unique dual action formula is a combination of five key natural ingredients including six billion friendly bacteria in each scoop. They immediately begin to control odor by enhancing the natural breakdown of organic wastes while preventing septic odor when tanks are left for long periods of time.

There is no chemical odor or poisonous eye burning vapor to harm your health when treating your holding tanks or when dumping them.

Tanks stay odor free, dump valves stay clean and there is little or no odor when dumping. It is no longer necessary to rinse tanks afterward either!. Simply dump your tanks and treat them by adding the recommended amount of Snow Fresh to a toilet bowl full of water. First, use the mixture to clean the bowl with a toilet brush and then flush it down. Allow the bowl to fill with water and flush it again. That's it! Forget buying special toilet paper, ordinary paper works just fine.

Snow Fresh is packaged in one and three pound pouches for convenient storage and use. Measuring scoops and instructions are included with all sizes.

At a cost of 35 cents per ounce, you save 50% or more as compared to other tank treatments that don't work as well or last as long as Snow Fresh!


We ship by US Priority Mail and FedEx Ground to any address in the USA. Delivery time is 2-4 days depending on location.

Suggested Use

Most users find that one or two scoops are effective in treating a 30 gallon holding tank. Add more as needed to control odor depending on the frequency of use, the size of your holding tanks, temperature and the amount of chemical residue left from previously used products.

Use half as much Snow Fresh in your gray water tank to keep it fresh and the valves clean. Do not mix Snow Fresh with any other products. Its natural dual action formula works best when used alone. Use Snow Fresh to clean the toilet bowl and avoid caustic chemicals.

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Snow Fresh 18 pounds

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